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Well Schedule

By scheduling the following regular appointments we are able to provide preventative exams and vaccinations. By doing this, we can increase the probability to catch any health issues early. It also gives the parents the ability to ask questions throughout every stage of development of your child.

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for the schedule of the following well visits and immunizations. Feel free review information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should you have any questions about the benefits and risks of any particular vaccine.

The following schedule for your well-child visits details the list of the immunizations that are needed for each age group.;

Check-Up Schedule
Vaccinations/Tests Due
Newborn visit 3-5 days of age
2 week visit within 3 days
2 month visit within 1 week Pentacel (Dtap, Hib, IPV), Hep B (if not already given in the hospital before discharge), Prevnar #1, Rotavirus #1
4 month visit within 2 weeks Pentacel (Dtap, Hib, IPV), Prevnar #2, Rotavirus #2
6 month visit within 3 weeks Pentacel (Dtap, Hib, IPV), Prevnar #3, Rotavirus #3
9 month visit within 3 weeks Hep B
12 month visit MUST be after 1 year birthday MMR #1, Chickenpox #1, CBC**
15 month visit within 3 weeks Prevnar #4
18 month visit within 3 weeks Pentacel (Dtap, Hib, IPV), Hepatitis A #1, Developmental Screen
2 year visit within 2 months Hepatitis A #2
30 month visit within 3 weeks This visit is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage information.

Developmental Screen

3 year visit within 2 months
4 year visit MUST be after 4 year birthday DTaP #5, IPV #4, MMR #2, Prevnar, Chickenpox #2, H & V
5 year visit H & V, UA
6 year visit H & V
7 year visit
8 year visit H & V, CBC**
9 year visit
10 year visit H & V
11 year visit Tdap, Meningococcal, HPV series
Annually from 12-21 years old No vaccines needed if immunizations current

H & V (at 15 and 18 years), CBC** (at 13 years & menstruating females), UA (at 15 years)

H & V: Hearing and Vision Screening
CBC: Complete Blood Count
** This information used with permission from the Center of Excellence for Medial Multimedia, Office of the Air Force Surgeon General.