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Newborn Care Specialist

Baldwin Pediatrics

Pediatrics located in Panama City, FL

Newborns need specialized, experienced care to ensure that they grow and develop properly. Baldwin Pediatrics provides comprehensive care to newborn patients in Panama City, Florida, and the surrounding area. Patients interested can contact Baldwin Pediatrics to schedule an appointment for a complimentary visit before the baby is born.

Newborn Care Q & A

When should I seek newborn care?

Expectant parents should establish a relationship with a pediatrician during the prenatal period before the baby is born. Please call to schedule an appointment to meet and go over what you can expect at newborn appointments and how we are uniquely qualified to provide expert advice and care for your new baby.

Once born, newborns have unique needs and must be monitored more closely than older children. The delivering doctor will help guide you as to when you should first see a pediatrician, who will then set up a schedule of visits.

What happens during newborn care appointments?

During newborn care appointments, your baby is weighed and measured to make sure they're growing well. We will perform a complete physical examination and ask questions about the baby’s eating and sleeping habits.

We recommend new parents initially avoid supplementing with formula and pacifiers, since these decrease nursing time. At your appointment, we can answer any questions or concerns you have about feeding schedules, milk supply, and discomfort.

We encourage parents to bring a list of questions they may have about their baby to the appointment so we can educate and reassure them about the wonders and challenges of caring for a newborn.

How often should newborns see the pediatrician?

Newborns should be seen 1-3 days after hospital discharge, depending on the recommendation of the hospital doctor or nurse-midwife. You should also return to the office when the baby is two weeks, four weeks, and two months old. The recommended schedule for well-child visits is here. Babies who are premature or have certain medical conditions may need to be seen more often.

When should parents make additional newborn care appointments?

In addition to regular newborn visits, parents should also make appointments whenever they have a concern about the baby’s health or development. If parents aren’t sure whether an appointment is necessary for a certain issue, they can call Baldwin Pediatrics for guidance.